Bible Studies

Church-Wide Focus



Outward-focused living in a self-focused world.

Outflow is outreach for everyday people. It is not another formula or evangelism technique, but simply about sharing the love of Jesus authentically, out of the abundant overflow of a God-filled life. Outflow is learning to embrace God’s love deeply and allowing that love to flow out to bless others.

Outflow is meant to be your field guide foe discovering the truth of the God-given promise. During these 5 weeks we will explore…

  • How God’s love can overflow through you
  • How you can have a richer, more meaningful relationship with God
  • How you can share God’s love with your family and friends
  • How you can overflow with God’s love into your community
  • How you can change your world through the power of God’s love.

Join us over the next 5 weeks as we explore how to share our faith with the world around us. All of our adult Sunday school classes will be focusing on this study. You can also pick-up a copy of the study book to use at home or form your own small study group.

By participating you will have the chance to learn through

  • Daily weekday readings with time to reflect after each reading
  • Daily opportunities to get your “feet wet” through reflective activities and hands-on experiences
  • Weekly opportunities to “dive into the deep end” and really experience what you’ve been reading
  • Small-group discussions aided by DVD videos and provoking questions


 For more information and to check out any of the Outflow materials and related resources contact the Church front office at 2000 S. Locust, (575)522-8220, or [email protected]